Trip to Ireland Castle and Spend Vacation

There is thousands and millions of tourists who go to visit the Castles in Ireland. There are about a hundred castles there. But the best ones are highlighted in this article.
Blarney Castle is located at the south of Ireland and thousands of people visit per annum. It is definitely worth paying a visit. The legend here says to kiss the Blarney Stone and to get the gift of the gab. It is a tradition to climb the ten flights of stairs to reach to the stone at the roof of main castle’s tower. The best feature of this castle is the floral beautiful gardens which are covering an area of more than 60 acres. It was built about some 600 years ago by the Irish Chieftain Cormac MacCarthy.

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Ashford Castle is situated at the west of Ireland Fairytale Castle. It is like 800 years old and is popular as it was being governed by the royalty known as the Guinness family. It was being kept in the best condition and now it is a 5 star hotel. Spending a night in the hotel like a royalty is worth trying. It is also hosting many of the world’s famous wedding venues by having gold interior and also freshly manicured lawns. It is located in County Galway.

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Bun-ratty Castle is another beautiful structure that stands on the land of Ireland. It is located at the Folk Park which used to be a trading camp back in 970 AD. It is only seven miles away from the Airport of Shannon and hence it is easily accessible by the tourists. The original castle was being destroyed back then inn a war between the English Kings and the Irish Chieftains. However now it is the best destination for festivities. Women are dressed in feudal gowns enjoying the traditional flavors of the Ireland. They are served with the Pork, Potato Soup, Mulled Mead, Goblets and bread. The only relaxation is by sitting on a bench with family or friends and enjoying the ambiance of the castle.

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Doe Castle is in County Donegal which is at the west north of Ireland is one of the best examples of the architecture style. It is being walled in between the water and was constructed on a peninsula with a trench sliced into the rock of the land side. In short Doe Castle is look like a floating boat inside the water. The water is surrounding the Castle from three sides. The best sight is given from the Cartwright Cree slough which is like ten miles from the Dunfanaghy village.

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